What’s the point of universities?

I know this blog has been very quiet for a while – unfortunately I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time for writing blog pieces in the last few weeks, although, annoyingly, I’ve had loads of ideas!

However, the Little Review is back now and over the next few weeks in particular, the blog is going to address the ongoing crisis within Irish academia through a series of articles. What are universities for; what is it that researchers and academics do and why doesn’t the wider public seem to understand or appreciate it? In an economic climate where we are increasingly concerned with the bottom line and with employment prospects, why should students study the humanities? Why indeed should the government fund what is often termed ‘blue skies’ research?

These are some of the questions we hope to address. Although the Little Review has been interested in these issues from the beginning – as seen in posts such as ‘What’s the point of humanities research’ and ‘Knowledge economy or the economising of knowledge‘ – the current situation in Irish academia demands a more sustained approach. We hope that these pieces will provoke a debate below the line, so please do comment!


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